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DC Semester Q and A

Matthew S. Chambers
Fall 2009

What impressed me the most about the DC Semester Program was its ability to help students find internships where they were doing real work and build real experience. Invaluable.

Brief bio:

Expected graduation:

December 2010

Degree objective:

A.B. International Affairs

Why I went:

Not knowing what exactly I wanted to do with my interests in international affairs and security, I figured that DC would be a good place to see each in action and find people that could help me tease out my interests. I was correct. My internship was at National Defense University working on nuclear deterrence, declaratory policy and nonproliferation. All three of these topics have progressed throughout the rest of my education and work.

Favorite spot to visit:

Most memorable day:

My most memorable day may be my first day on the job. I was put into a three-day track II meeting with NDU staff and their Chinese PLA counterparts as they discussed opportunities for collaboration on Humanitarian Aid and Disaster Relief Operations. My notes were used in the official reporting of the event. What a way to start an internship.

Why I'm glad I went:

I’m glad I went because the people I met and worked with in the Fall of ‘09 are still a big part of my career development and mentoring. Finding out what I didn’t want to do was almost as helpful. The behind-the-scenes of the political process is like sausage making; you don’t know what it’s really like until you are here and involved in the process.

Where I interned:

Institute for National Strategic Studies, NDU

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