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DC Semester Q and A

Carly Evans
Fall 2016

My semester in DC turned me into a driven, qualified professional, ready to take on a career in public services head on and effect change where necessary.

Brief bio:

Following my time interning in DC, I began pursuing a Master of Public Administration and Policy at UGA, officially becoming a double dawg.  I am currently focusing on the areas of Criminal Justice and Public Policy. I am interning at Athens Land Trust and I am a student worker for the Washington Semester Program.

Expected graduation:

December 2016

Degree objective:

BA International Affairs

Why I went:

I chose to spend a semester in DC for the professional experience and connections it would provide me with by the time I graduated from undergrad. The program had been highly recommended to me, and I knew I eventually wanted to pursue a career in social justice or human rights advocacy, so it seemed like the perfect fit.

Favorite spot to visit:

Cliché, I know, but out of every incredible museum, The Capitol, The Supreme Court, The Library of Congress, Michelle’s vegetable garden at The Obama White House…Delta Hall was my favorite place to be. Along with the bagel bar in Eastern Market! $4 for a lox bagel?!

Most memorable day:

Although I hate to say it and don’t mean to be divisive, my most memorable day(s) were the night of the 2016 election and the following day. Despite feeling crushed, defeated, and depressed, I felt surrounded by love and solidarity. Not only were my friends (best friends with whom I still communicate daily) there for me and each other, but all of DC came together and held its citizens up. On the incredibly packed metro ride to work the next morning you could literally hear a pin drop. I remember one woman in particular who was silently crying and a man, a stranger to her, said out loud, “you are not alone.” Just about the whole car was crying by the time I got off. Work that morning consisted of silent hugs, tears, and CNN. By the afternoon, however, we had gathered our wits and began to create strategic plans for the upcoming battle.

Why I'm glad I went:

Not only did I make some of the best friends I will ever have, but I grew immensely as a young professional. I developed my work-related skills to the point of feeling confident in my ability to contribute to things such as senate briefings and hearings, and even plan and implement large-scale events regarding specific social justice campaigns. I recognized what I wanted my future to look like and began the process of getting there.

Where I interned:

Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

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