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DC Semester Q and A
At the top floor of the Newseum on Halloween (we were two peas in a pod)

Richard G Gardiner
Fall 2013

Everyday in DC was like a field trip, hardly a day goes by without something life changing happens right before your eyes.

Brief bio:

I was the first DC semester participant to bring my wife along with me.  I recently graduated and I am now a PhD candidate at Georgia State studying Political Science with a focus in Public Law.

Expected graduation:

May 2014

Degree objective:

Political Science

Why I went:

I am a firm believer that every student should spend time learning outside of the classroom and so I decided that the best spot for someone interested in politics was the center of politics!

Favorite spot to visit:

I loved spending time right outside the Capitol Building at night when everything was lit up.

Most memorable day:

My most memorable day would definitely be the day before the government shut down.  Work was intense and the possible shut down was the only thing everyone was talking about.

Why I'm glad I went:

In DC I gained valuable experience but also a more “insider” view of how government works.  Nothing in DC moves slow and it was very interesting to be in the middle of everything you see on the news.  When work was slow I would roam the halls of Congress.  Not many people can say they have been in those areas.

Where I interned:

Office of Congressman Lynn Westmoreland

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