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DC Semester Q and A
UGA Alumni mixer at Cuba Libre

Cody Taylor Knapp
Spring 2013

Living in DC is a UGA student's best opportunity to meet and work with ambitious, brilliant people from all over the country on the macro issues that shape our daily lives. It's the most intellectually stimulating and personally enriching experience I've had at UGA, and I believe that every student of politics and policy should make an effort to spend time in DC.

Brief bio:

I grew up in Thomasville, Georgia, the City of Roses. After graduating as valedictorian from Thomas County Central High School, I majored in International Affairs and minored in Political Science at UGA. At UGA, I was on the editorial board of the Georgia Political Review, a CURO Honors Scholar, and Honors International Scholar. Washington, DC was my home from January 2013-July 2013, thanks to the DC Semester Program and the Honors in Washington Program. Having graduated summa cum laude in May 2014, I’m now returning to DC to start my career.

Expected graduation:

May 2014

Degree objective:

A.B. International Affairs

Why I went:

I wanted to get out of the classroom for a bit and start building work experience. At the time, I thought I wanted to go into the think tank sector as a policy researcher, and DC was the best place to immerse myself in that world.

Favorite spot to visit:

Dupont is my favorite neighborhood. It’s so hard to pick a single favorite place, but Kramerbooks is must-see. I love buying a new book, taking it into the traffic circle/park, and reading while people meander by and picnic on the grass.

Most memorable day:

Attending the Staff Inaugural Ball. A good friend of mine (ironically an intern at the Heritage Foundation) and I acquired tickets and attended the inaugural ball for campaign staff. That night, we concocted war-stories from the campaign trail, saw the President and Vice President and their wives speak and thank everyone for their hard work (FLOTUS was having the time of her life), and enjoyed a short performance by Lady Gaga. To cap it all off, I met a guy who happened to be crashing the Ball as well with some of his friends. In a few months, that same guy would be my summer intern coordinator, and I’m now replacing him as he moves on to a new job!

Why I'm glad I went:

DC made me grow. I matured more in those seven months than I ever expected, and my internships helped me shift career paths and choose my next degree program well ahead of graduation, saving me time and money. The Program gave us all the chance to grow individually and professionally, but provided helpful support where needed.

Where I interned:

Center for International Policy

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