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Katherine E Manthey
Fall 2009

Brief bio:

Currently, I work for the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement doing research and evaluation on Georgia’s lowest performing schools and am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Georgia State University. My work experience includes research, project management and quantitative and qualitative data analysis. I participated in UGA’s Washington D.C. Semester Program in the fall of 2009, the same year I graduated from UGA. The experience has helped build my career by exposing me to the political process and giving me internship skills from a large nonprofit organization.

Expected graduation:

December 2009

Degree objective:


Why I went:

Who would turn down a chance to intern at National Geographic? On top of that I was drawn to the city life, especially a city where you can influence real change in our country. I was also excited to be living so close to the Capitol during President Obama’s first term.

Favorite spot to visit:

Eastern Market is the best place to go if you want fresh produce or if you just want to rummage through local artists and salvager’s creations. It is the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning. Another must visit is the Newseum. Although not free it is by far worth the money, especially if you are into journalism like me.

Most memorable day:

My most memorable day, hmm, there were a couple of good ones. First, internship related, I was there to help out for the first ever traveling exhibit to come through the National Geographic Museum. It was the Terracotta Warriors exhibit. I was able to speak to news outlets and walk them through the exhibit. Outside of classes and internship, there was an event called the Big Kids Block Party where they blocked off a couple streets and lined it with activities for adults. After a donation to one of the sponsoring charities you were able to join the streets lined with fun.

Why I'm glad I went:

My experience during the Washington D.C. semester program exposed me to all kinds of careers, jobs and fields of study. The seminar classes allowed us to network with people from all backgrounds and career fields and just listening to my roommates talk about their internships gave me an idea about a regular work day on Capitol Hill.

Where I interned:

National Geographic

Washington Semester | 114 New College | Athens, GA 30602 | Phone:706-542-3450 | Fax:706-542-0544 | dcsem@uga.edu
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