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DC Semester Q and A
Cherry blossoms!

Sabrina A Ragaller
Spring 2010

The energy and purpose that I experienced from the DC Semester program greatly raised my ambitions for myself and my government. Also, I am 100% certain that the program was one of the main reasons I was offered a full scholarship to the University of Denver.

Brief bio:

Here’s a brief list of organizations I’ve been involved in:

U.S. State Dept - DRL, Washington DC
El Pomar Foundation, Colorado Springs (CO)
University of Denver, Denver (CO)
Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids (IA)
World Denver, Denver (CO)
Rocky Mountain Microfinance, Denver (CO)
CITS, Athens (GA)
Carl Vinson Inst. of Local Govt, Athens (GA)

Expected graduation:

May 2011

Degree objective:

International Affairs and Economics AB

Why I went:

DC is the main hub for my chosen field of study—international affairs and defense policy. I wanted to familiarize myself with the way the federal government operates in order to make sure I was choosing the right career.

Favorite spot to visit:

Synectic Theater—look out for their Young Professional performances. Seriously, their shows are so worth it.

Most memorable day:

Making a “quick” trip to pick up diplomatic passports at an African embassy and getting lost without my cell phone or wallet. Not all memorable days are good days.

Why I'm glad I went:

I loved my internship with the State Department and I loved exploring the city. However, the biggest boon was watching how high-level decisions were made (I was a note-taker for the bureau’s director meetings). That made me realize that being a leader in foreign policy was an achievable goal for me. Plus, it bolstered my appreciation for the federal government.

Where I interned:

U.S. Department of State

Washington Semester | 114 New College | Athens, GA 30602 | Phone:706-542-3450 | Fax:706-542-0544 | dcsem@uga.edu
A unit of the Office of the Vice President for Instruction