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DC Semester Q and A

Bert Ferguson Thompson Jr
Spring 2014

The DC Semester Program allowed me to experience life outside of a textbook, putting the things I have learned in Athens into practice. It let me live in one of the greatest cities with amazing friends, and I wouldn't trade those months for anything.

Brief bio:

I am originally from Macon, GA and graduated from Stratford Academy. While at UGA, I have found my passions in the study of intelligence and Southern history (though not necessarily together). I enjoy looking at the politics behind the politics, like those forces that influence the day-to-day operations of Capitol Hill, as well as military/defense issues.

Expected graduation:

May 2016

Degree objective:

AB International Affairs, AB History

Why I went:

I decided that I needed to find out if my career aspirations were feasible and if I could live and work in DC. This led me to spend a semester in DC early on in my collegiate career (spring semester of sophomore year) so that I could make the rest of my college plans based off of my experience.

Favorite spot to visit:

This is a hard question to answer, as DC has so many amazing places. After thinking about it, it has to be Jefferson Memorial at night. It is incredibly peaceful at night, as no tourists go out there when the sun has set. When the Tidal Basin is frozen, the view becomes even more memorable. It is very relaxing to spend some time at the Memorial, and the walk out there allows for good time to think or hang out with friends.

Most memorable day:

There were so many memorable days about my time in DC, but the best was our first snow day in the city. We went out as a WSP group and took photos at the Supreme Court and the Capitol, then we made our way down to the Mall. Several of us played snow football sans football - the snow wasn’t the best substitute - and then went to Starbucks on Penn to warm up. The day that I got to meet Herschel Walker at work was also very memorable.

Why I'm glad I went:

WSP was the best semester I have had so far while at UGA. It taught me so much about myself and about what I want to do in life. I’ve realized that DC is the place for me, and I know that my career goals are in line with my studies. I miss DC almost every day, and I cannot wait to be back.

Where I interned:

Office of Congressman Jack Kingston

Washington Semester | 114 New College | Athens, GA 30602 | Phone:706-542-3450 | Fax:706-542-0544 | dcsem@uga.edu
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