Share your real-world experience and offer guidance to someone new to the field!

Alumni gathering in Delta Hall

All alumni are invited to participate in the Washington Semester Program! There are many ways to get involved. 

Serve as an alumni mentor

Thanks to the new platform provided by UGA Mentoring, the Washington Semester Program has been able to increase its mentoring capacity! Each semester, the Washington Semester Program pairs students with two mentors, one before the program and one during the program. Pre-program mentors help students through the internship search process and give advice about living in DC. These mentors do not have to live in the DC area. Mentors during the program are alumni who live and work in the DC area. Mentors are expected to spend time with their student and be a resource for them. Create an mentor profile here to help out students live, learn, and intern in DC!

Be a guest lecturer

Each student is required to enroll in the Washington Seminar course which features guest speakers from all aspects of DC life and work. Anyone who is interested in sharing their perspectives on policy, politics, business, art, culture, etc., is encouraged to contact the program about participating in a seminar.

Attend our events

Each semester we host a variety of events that may be open to our alumni.

Host an event

Invite the Washington Semester Program students to an event that you host. Students are encouraged to attend all alumni events throughout the semester.

If you would like to be involved in the Washington Semester Program, please contact Don DeMaria, Director of the Washington Semester, at