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Live, Learn & Intern

Each fall and spring semester, up to thirty-two University of Georgia students live, work and study in Washington, DC through the Washington Semester Program.

Open to All Undergraduates

The Washington Semester is UGA's only DC program combining full-time coursework, internships, and housing.

Full-time Internships & Coursework

Earn at least twelve hours of academic credit while connecting with leaders in public policy, government and business.

Discover DC!

Participate in a variety of cultural, professional, and social opportunities unique to Washington.

  • Live, Learn & Intern
  • Open to All Undergraduates
  • Full-time Internships & Coursework
  • Discover DC!

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Q&A: DC alumni speak out

DC Semester students may share the same friends, classes, meals, and accommodations, but their journey and experiences are unique to themselves.

  • Karim, Mehreen

    Karim, Mehreen

    D.C. took me seriously, and now I feel motivated to take my work seriously.

  • Rowe, Gracie

    Rowe, Gracie

    The DC Semester helped me solidify my career goals.

  • Lavelle, Torre

    Lavelle, Torre

    Take the leap and apply for a deep dive into DC! Plant one foot in learning about the city's…

  • Ayres, Ben

    Ayres, Ben

    The DC Semester Program was a great way to further my education by connecting me with UGA.

  • Smith, Megan

    Smith, Megan

    The program has left me more open minded. I had no idea how much I'd love working in a law…

  • Hawkins, Madeline

    Hawkins, Madeline

    Choosing to study, intern, and live in Washington D.C. for a semester was one of the best decisions…

  • Durden, Emily

    Durden, Emily

    The most intellectually demanding and passionate 4 months of college.

  • Oliver, Nylah

    Oliver, Nylah

    There's simply no other place like the District of Columbia.

  • Devine, Chris

    Devine, Chris

  • Warren, Catherine

    Warren, Catherine

    I loved the opportunity to learn in a real-world setting.

  • Davis, Laura

    Davis, Laura

    Over the nearly five months that I lived with a view of the Capitol dome, I never once got…

  • Henderson, Catie

    Henderson, Catie

    The DC Semester ignited a desire to really pursue my passions.

  • Thompson, Bert

    Thompson, Bert

    The DC Semester Program allowed me to experience life outside of a textbook, putting the things…

  • Culver, Shelby

    Culver, Shelby

    I learned a lot about all the paths available that lead to a job within environmental law.

  • Uribe, Elmer

    Uribe, Elmer

    The people and the experiences in DC cannot be compared to anything else in the country.

  • Peles, Hadas

    Peles, Hadas

    The Washington Semester Program opened my eyes to the many different people that play a part…

  • Butters, Kelly

    Butters, Kelly

    This experience will change the rest of my life. There is no better way to live, work, and…

  • Bila, Yuliya

    Bila, Yuliya

    I believe Einstein's assertion that "Learning is experience, everything else is just information."…

  • Fedorov, Nicolette

    Fedorov, Nicolette

    DC was the absolute time of my life in every way. I am so grateful for this opportunity.

  • Ward, Delaney

    Ward, Delaney

    This experience taught me as much about myself as it did the field of international affairs.

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