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Live, Learn & Intern

Each fall and spring semester, up to thirty-two University of Georgia students live, work and study in Washington, DC through the Washington Semester Program.

Open to All Undergraduates

The Washington Semester is UGA's only DC program combining full-time coursework, internships, and housing.

Full-time Internships & Coursework

Earn at least twelve hours of academic credit while connecting with leaders in public policy, government and business.

Discover DC!

Participate in a variety of cultural, professional, and social opportunities unique to Washington.

  • Live, Learn & Intern
  • Open to All Undergraduates
  • Full-time Internships & Coursework
  • Discover DC!

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Q&A: DC alumni speak out

DC Semester students may share the same friends, classes, meals, and accommodations, but their journey and experiences are unique to themselves.

  • Bhatia, Millie

    Bhatia, Millie

    The DC Semester program gave me clarity on what and where I need to be to jumpstart my career-…

  • Ashe, Jeffrey

    Ashe, Jeffrey

  • Grandt, Jordan

    Grandt, Jordan

    My D.C. semester was the best four months of my time in college. I grew professionally, academically,…

  • Fuerniss, John

    Fuerniss, John

  • Mobley, Mikayla

    Mobley, Mikayla

    Participating in the Washington Semester Program will be my favorite semester at UGA because…

  • Garrett, Alexander

    Garrett, Alexander

    DC was my favorite semester of college. In a way, DC was the only semester that was really…

  • Cooper, Madison

    Cooper, Madison

    Doug Collins told us to "bloom where you're planted." I try to live by that everyday!

  • Evans, Carly

    Evans, Carly

    My semester in DC turned me into a driven, qualified professional, ready to take on a career…

  • Russo, Kelly

    Russo, Kelly

    Participating in WSP truly allowed me to see the vast number of UGA alumni living and working…

  • Patel, Flora

    Patel, Flora

    The greatest thing about DC is that the University of Georgia has a very strong alumni base…

  • Michaels, Brian

    Michaels, Brian

    If you have a desire to work in public policy making, consult for one of the "big four firms",…

  • Atkinson, Shallum

    Atkinson, Shallum

    The DC semester program teaches you how to swim by throwing you into a pool, not giving swimming…

  • Zachariah, Krupa

    Zachariah, Krupa

    "Everything you've ever wanted, is one step outside your comfort zone" - Unknown

  • Patel, Vandan

    Patel, Vandan

    People always talk about the Potomac fever, but you really don't understand it until you are…

  • Veale, Adam

    Veale, Adam

    People always talk about meeting their lifelong friends in college. That didn't happen for…

  • Joyce, Kara

    Joyce, Kara

    The DC semester changed the trajectory of my career path and opened my eyes to all the opportunities…

  • Sheldon, Samantha

    Sheldon, Samantha

    It got my career rolling. If it wasn't for WSP I would not have had my job in Sandy Springs…

  • Conerly, Raleigh

    Conerly, Raleigh

    The Washington Semester Program is one of the best decisions I could have ever made during…

  • Jain, Arianna

  • Suh, Jessica

    Suh, Jessica

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