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DC Semester Q and A

Laura (L.A.) Ansley Davis
Spring 2013

Over the nearly five months that I lived with a view of the Capitol dome, I never once got sick of seeing it. My daily walk to work constantly inspired me.

Brief bio:

As a dyed-in-the-wool Athenian, the choice to attend UGA was easy. I initially started my academic career as a journalism major with hopes of becoming a war correspondent. One semester in, and the discovery of the International Affairs major changed all of that.

Academically, I am intrigued by security puzzles, war-fighting tactics, and national security intelligence, and have been the most influenced by Dr. Loch K. Johnson. I also wrote my senior thesis for my history degree on the social effects of the Baader-Meinhof Group in West Germany.

When not explaining why insurgencies occur, I am an avid runner and weight trainer, with aspirations to qualify for the Boston Marathon before I turn 30.

Expected graduation:

May 2014

Degree objective:

Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs; Bachelor of Arts in History

Why I went:

I chose to spend a semester in DC for primarily the internship experience, but also for the front row seat to American politics. DC has long been a favorite city of mine, so it was a no-brainer to budget one semester away from campus here.

Favorite spot to visit:

It’s a draw - running the monuments from the Constitution Ave apartments isn’t exactly one spot, but it was a favorite activity. I’m incredibly partial to Eastern Market, especially on Saturdays.

Most memorable day:

Getting to staff the National Defense Authorization Act hearing for the 2014 Budget. Not only had I contributed to my boss’s work on the NDAA, but it was an excellent opportunity to get to meet Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

Why I'm glad I went:

I would not trade my internship experience for the world. The relationships I built with the staff continue today, and I gained a ton of insight from each and every one of them.

Where I interned:

Office of Congressman Hank Johnson

Washington Semester | 114 New College | Athens, GA 30602 | Phone:706-542-3450 | Fax:706-542-0544 | dcsem@uga.edu
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