Summer in Delta Hall

Spend the Summer in DC

Students in Georgetown

Students have many opportunities to live, study and intern in Washington this summer!

Summer 2022 Opportunities

The Washington Semester Program does not currently offer programs during the summer, and housing is not available for individual students unaffiliated with a UGA program. Eligible students may apply for the following programs which take place during the summer months.

Grady @ DC

Students enrolled in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication are encouraged to participate in Grady @ DC, a domestic field study program which takes Grady students to Washington for nine weeks during the summer. Participants enroll in a directed study as well was an internship and live in Delta Hall during their time in Washington. Those interested can find more information at Grady‚Äôs website.

Honors in Washington 

Second and third-year students in the Honors Program are able to enroll in the Honors in Washington Internship Program, which supports students as they intern full-time for nine weeks Honors in Washington participants also live in the Delta Hall during their stay. For more information, visit the Honors Program website.

Congressional Agricultural Fellowship

Students in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences have the opportunity to intern in several Georgia congressional offices through the Congressional Agricultural Fellowship. Participants intern for twelve weeks in the summer and also live in the UGA house. More information about the fellowship can be found at the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences website.