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The Washington Semester Program is open to all majors! Students take UGA courses, live in Delta Hall, and intern full-time.


The University of Georgia Washington Semester Program provides the amazing opportunity to earn class credit while gaining valuable work experience. In DC, students earn academic credit for their internship that they arrange through their major. Additionally, students participate in two courses in DC: one formal lecture or discussion style class, and the other a seminar that takes students around the city. Students in the past have had access to both amazing sites and people through these seminars! For example, students have visited CIA headquarters, met with Justice Clarence Thomas, and had lunch with UGA President Morehead.

In addition to the six credit hours taught in DC, students are required to add coursework to their schedules for a minimum of 12 credit hours. In most cases, this is achieved by the addition of internship and/or directed study coursework.

Please note: In order to earn internship and/or directed study in your major, you need to be admitted to that major and, in most cases, are required to complete prerequisite courses. Students are strongly encouraged to speak with their academic advisers to learn how they can receive internship credit while participating in the Washington Semester Program.

WASH 3400 – The Washington Semester Program

  • Taught by Mr. Don DeMaria, Director of the Washington Semester Program
  • 3 credit hours
  • Using the expertise of UGA faculty and staff and leaders who live and work in the nation’s capital, this seminar will introduce students to various aspects of life, work, and culture in Washington, DC. Specific subjects and speakers will be announced in the course syllabus.

POLS 4790 – Special Topics in American Politics

  • Fall 2022 – Elections and Campaign Finance
  • With an emphasis on the 2022 federal elections, this course will examine four major topics: (1) election administration; (2) political campaigns; (3) campaign finance; and (4) American democratic institutions. The course will allow students to explore connections between “applied” or practical politics and political science theory. Students will consider how well academic theory describes the practical politics they are witnessing in Washington. Familiarity with federal government and elections is encouraged, but not required. Students will have an opportunity to research a practical topic of their choice for a semester paper, and to complete shorter assignments that integrate course topics with their practical experiences. The course will be conducted as a seminar with an emphasis on in-class discussions and lecture, based on readings. As a Washington Semester course, there are no prerequisites.

INTL 4770 – Special Topics in International Relations

  • Fall 2022 – Grand Strategy
  • This course explores the development of American Grand Strategy, from the founding to the present. Students will learn about grand strategy both in theory and practice and obtain an understanding of the political, cultural, economic, social, ideological, and geographical factors that have shaped strategic thinking in the United States. Students will consider both defenses and critiques of the choices US leaders have made and obtain an understanding of the ethical dilemmas involved in the making of American Foreign Policy. At the end of the semester, each student will leave the course with the ability to think, speak, research, and write about American Grand Strategy.

Senior assistant parliamentarian in the U.S. Senate and UGA Alum Leigh Hildebrand speaks with undergraduate students (L-R) De’Omini Daniely and Vivian Beadle following a seminar at Delta Hall.

Senior assistant parliamentarian in the U.S. Senate and UGA Alum Leigh Hildebrand speaks with undergraduate students (L-R) De’Omini Daniely and Vivian Beadle following a seminar at Delta Hall.

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